Building Brand Awareness Using Your Company Logo

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The logo is the most important part of your brand, so in this article we’ll show you how and where to get your logo developed.

We’ll also show you a sneaky little trick of where to find great logos in one place that you can use as inspiration when creating your own logo.

Where Will You Use Your Logo?

Your logo can be used in various different places, such as:

  • On your products
  • On your packaging
  • On your inserts and marketing material
  • On your emails
  • On your website

On your products

Often times you’ll have your logo on your products, it may be stitched on if it’s a fabric, it may be printed on, or it may be stuck on depending on what products you are selling.

You won’t always have the logo on your products, maybe for example your product is too small and your logo won’t actually fit there which is absolutely fine.

On your packaging

Normally you will have your logo somewhere on your packaging but not always.

On your inserts and marketing material

Establish your brand awareness, and ensure your logo is included on your product inserts and marketing material.

On your emails and website

Again, essential for brand awareness, let customers see your logo and build familiarity.

If you haven’t already, it’s really important to have a web presence of your own, even if you don’t sell from it, check out our blog post How To Create A Website For Your Brand for further reading.

Places To Hire Designers

There’s lots of different places on the web you can use to hire designers, here are a few we recommend:

99 Designs

99 Designs is a very popular choice, but a bit more expensive as you are working with individual freelance designers. You could for example be looking at a couple of hundred dollars for a logo to be designed.

You can visit 99 Designs from the following link:

With 99 Designs you can find and work with talented freelance designers online of which there are five simple steps as follows:

  • Build a design brief
  • Pick a design package
  • Launch your contest
  • Receive dozens of designs
  • Give feedback



You could probably get a logo designed on the Fiverr marketplace for about $5 – $10.

You can visit Fiverr from the following link:

Fiverr is the world’s largest freelance services marketplace with over 100,000 sellers and millions of gigs to cover every entrepreneural service you can think of, with over 30 million projects completed since 2010.


Freelancer is an outsourcing portal where you could pay anything from $5 up to hundreds of dollars for logo design.

You can visit Freelancer from the following link:

With Freelancer, you can contact skilled freelancers within minutes, view profiles, ratings and portfolios and even chat with them.

You can also use Freelancer’s desktop app to track the progress of your project, monitor hours, communicate, share, and do much more, so you always know what’s going on with your project.


Upwork is very similar to Freelancer, Upwork will help you find a skilled freelancer for your project.

You can visit Upwork from the following link:

There are three levels of service to choose from:

  • Upwork – Professional freelancers and the essentials to find them
  • Upwork Pro – Premium talent, pre-vetted and handpicked for you
  • Upwork Enterprise – End-to-end freelancer management system

Example Logo Designs

The screenshot below represents examples of good simple logos, we recommend you don’t get too too complicated or fancy with this.

Let’s look at a few more designs:

Our Sneaky Trick To Finding Great Logos

Coming up with ideas for your logo design can be daunting, sometimes you just need to look at other great logos to give you some inspiration.

Here is our sneaky little tip, of where you can find great logos all in one place, on Amazon itself!

Go to > Departments > Full Store Directory:

In this example, we’ll choose Hunting & Fishing from the Sports & Outdoors category:

When you scroll down the Hunting & Fishing page, you’ll see ‘Featured Brands’ and hey presto, look at all the logos available:

This should provide you with loads of great ideas you can use when brainstorming your new logo creation.

Our Top Tips For Designing Your Logo

Here are some of our top tips when it comes to designing your logo:

  • K.I.S.S – Keep it simple stupid 🙂
  • Don’t get too clever
  • Make sure it’s easily recognizable, you don’t have to use an image
  • Make your logo visual
  • Use strong colors

Please remember, make sure your logo is easily recognizable, you don’t have to use an image, you can use a word, it really depends on what you’re selling.

If you look at the example logos included within this article, a lot of them don’t have images at all.

We would recommend that you should try to get a logo prepared ready for when you launch your product. It’s not absolutely essential that when you first launch your product that it’s got your logo printed on it or embedded on it, but ideally you should have it on it as it’s all part of your branding and positioning.

TIP: Try to include your logo on as much of your marketing as you can, INCLUDING the product itself if possible to build brand awareness and familiarity

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