The Ultimate Guide To Split Testing Your Product Listing On Amazon

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Today, we are going to focus on split testing your product listing on Amazon, the key concepts of split testing, and the exact strategy we use to split test our own listings using our very own secret weapon. This is without doubt a MUST READ article if your looking for optimal results from your Amazon product listing.

You’re about to discover the benefits to split testing, mistakes to avoid, and how and what you should use in the process that will push your product listing to the top of Amazon’s search results.

What Is Amazon Split Testing?

Commonly referred to as A/B testing, split testing on Amazon quite simply means comparing two versions of your amazon product listing in order to hit your conversion rate optimization goals, and of course increase profits 🙂

This is a practice that was designed to run controlled, randomized experiments. You create multiple versions of the Amazon product listing, and then you can measure the results based on how your audience reacts to it. Some of the metrics that appear here, such as profitability, conversion rate, sessions and so on can easily help you determine which listing version is a success.

For example, how do you know what pricing works best, which image converts, what keywords are most profitable? You don’t, which is why you need to split test every element of your product listing.

Once setup, you can create multiple tests for various elements of your product listing, which can be split tested for as long as you require.

TIP: It obviously goes without saying, but please remember to play by Amazon’s rules!

The Key Concepts Of Split Testing

When split testing, you only want to test one item or variant at a time, so you know what works and what doesn’t. Following each test you would compare your test results to a baseline period. After you complete your first test, you can continue performing A/B split testing to tweak your product listing further.

For example, following testing, if your daily average profit was higher during the test then you would of course consider keeping that change.

Sometimes lower sales can still mean higher profits, for example if you increase your price point and units sales are slightly lower but profit is higher, then the test was successful 🙂

It’s worth noting that split testing does take time, effort and patience, but the rewards will pay off ten fold!

TIP: Test one variable at a time, and give each test sufficient time to run.

The Benefits of Split Testing Your Product Listing On Amazon

There are lots of benefits that come from Amazon split testing. First, you can generate more conversions, and the profitability of your product will increase. On top of that, this trial and error approach allows you to acquire more profits and conversions in the long run. It also helps you retain a good conversion rate as long as you find the most optimized product listing version!

Well planned split testing can make a huge difference in the effectiveness of your marketing efforts of your Amazon product listing, so let’s look at a few of it’s benefits;

  • Quite simply, the more optimized your listing, the more profit you will generate 🙂
  • By testing each individual item, the more optimized your listing will be
  • The more optimized your listing is, Amazon will reward you by pushing you up in the organic rankings due to their algorithm detecting that your products convert better than that of your competitors

TIP: You will be testing several variants in your listing, make sure you use a spreadsheet to keep them all recorded!

How Does Split Testing Work?

The idea here is to modify various components in your listing, starting with the title and then continuing with images and any other components.  You can change the product listing as often as you like, we suggest running each test for a week to collect enough results to determine if the test is successful. You should stop only if you see any statistically significant change in the visitor behavior. Of course, it goes without saying, you need to continually promote your listing and drive traffic to it.

You don’t need to make only listing changes. You can also opt for things like price drops, increases and so on. Experimentation is key when you sell a product on Amazon, so you do want to harness the power of split testing to take these things to the next level.

So, you can play around with the price, search terms, product description, features, product title or anything that you find relevant. You are the one to pick what you need to tackle, and you can see results very fast! Let’s delve further into what we can split test…

What Can I Split Test?

As mentioned earlier, when split testing you only want to test one thing at a time, lets have a look at what we should split test:

Product Title

Your product title is the most important part of your Amazon listing, and therefore it is crucial you split test every element in order to get optimum results.

Bullet Points

The bullet points are the most important part of your Amazon listing following the title and images. It’s therefore important to include your main keywords within your bullet points. Testing different bullet points will eventually lead to the most optimized bullets for your listing.


Images are vital to the success of your product, and while all images should be split tested, remember that the main featured image is the most important of all, as this is the initial first impression to your potential customer. You need to stand out amongst your competitors so make sure you have the best possible featured image in place.

Also, bear in mind that colors have lots of different psychological associations, so use them to your advantage and test what works best for you.

Product Description

It goes without saying, every element of your product description should be split tested, just as you would everything else to achieve an optimal description for your product which is especially important for private label sellers.


You need to find your optimum product price that will yield the greatest profits. By split testing your price, you will eventually be able to settle on the optimum price for your product. Optimizing your price will result in converting more customers into buyers 🙂 For example; if your daily average profit was higher during the test period, then you would of course consider keeping that change going forwards.

It’s worth remembering that you should list a normal price and a sale price, thus creating a discount/saving of at least 50% mark-up, this will incentivize customers to purchase from you :

The Most Common Mistakes When Split Testing

Let’s have a look at the most common mistakes when it comes to split testing;

  • Have enough data, if you only have 1 or 2 sales, there’s really nothing to split test at this stage
  • Run your test for long enough, be patient split testing does take time and effort
  • Running too many tests at once, it may seem tempting but don’t do it, how will you know what’s working and what’s not?
  • Ignoring small gains, small gains lead to big gains right? So please don’t ignore them
  • Giving up to easily, it’s all too easy to give up easily especially if your first test fails, please remember split testing requires lots of time effort, and patience

Our Thoughts

In a nutshell, test, test and test some more! The more you test, the greater chances of your product listing being far more optimized than that of your competitors, and of course the best thing of all, is more profits 🙂 Where your listing is concerned, don’t leave anything up to chance, continually test every single element.

Use all these great ideas, and you will not have a problem making the most out of Amazon split testing as fast as possible. If you integrate Amazon split testing into your business practices, you will be able to generate more sales in next to no time!

As we’ve mentioned earlier, split testing does take time and effort and also patience required on your part and remember, you need to run these tests repeatedly to continually optimize your product listing. There is however an easier way to do this using our secret weapon!

How To Split Test Using Our Secret Weapon!

BlackBird is quite simply our Secret Weapon!

BlackBird is the ultimate tool for tracking your key metrics, and providing you with cutting edge Amazon seller training. A new module is now available to help you take all the hard work out of split testing your Amazon product listings.

Of course you can split test everything manually, but it will take a lot more time, effort and patience on your behalf.

Let’s have a look to see how easy it is to split test with BlackBird…

Login to BlackBird @

Under the Product Tracker menu, select ‘Split Tests (Beta)’

Split Tests

Firstly, you need to install the split tester plugin (you need to be in Chrome to do that as the plugin is a Chrome plugin).

Split Tests

Add this plugin to Chrome.

Once you’ve added the plugin to Chrome, run the split tester, firstly it will tell you to login to BlackBird, when you try to run the split tester again, it will then tell you to log in to Seller Central.

BlackBird Split Test

Go back to the plugin, you will see you are logged into both BlackBird and Seller Central, and it’s updating progress until it’s 100% complete.

Next, under the Product Tracker menu, select ‘Split Tests’ (Beta).

Click ‘create a test’ and give the test a name.

Select products / profit per unit, please bear in mind baseline dates will need to be in the past, and test dates need to be in the future, if the information you supply is incorrect, you will receive an alert to that effect.

TIP: Over in the ‘Test’ section remember to test one thing at a time as we’ve discussed in this article, we highly recommend you don’t test more than one variable!

Split Tests

Click the schedule button, and you will then see the following screen, press the confirm button – the test is now ready to go and awaiting data.

BlackBird Split Test1

At the end of each test, or each day if you prefer, check on your test results by running the plugin again and you will see the results from Amazon.

You’ll see the baseline values, and actual values during the test period, and if the percentage has gone up or down.

Once a test expires, you don’t need to pull that data anymore, as it’s only relevant while the test is active.

What Else Can BlackBird Do?

As detailed above, BlackBird is the ultimate tool for tracking your key metrics, and providing you with cutting edge Amazon seller training.

As well as our new split testing module, BlackBird also gives you the ability to easily:

  • Track your products, sales, reviews, pricing, and ranking
  • Search the Amazon marketplace for the best new opportunities
  • Analyze monthly earning of ANY product on Amazon
  • Spy on your competition
  • Analyze on-page performance metrics
  • Alert you to problems related to your products
  • Send emails to your customers (to generates reviews and more sales)
  • Learn ALL the secrets to selling on Amazon (via 71 training videos)
  • To ask Steve, me, Matt Carter (partner), and our team of ‘Gurus’ ANY Amazon selling related question ANY TIME you want to using our unique ‘Grab A Guru’ strategic support system

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